West Hoe Pet Cemetery

A safe and peaceful resting place for your much-loved pets

Founded in 2019 the Pet Cemetery at West Hoe is a dedicated area for the interment of the ashes of small animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, or guinea pigs.

It is adjacent to, but quite separate from, the main cemetery.  It is screened from the entrance drive by a hornbeam hedge and edged by mature trees, providing a shady and peaceful resting place for your much-loved pets.

Individual plots (50cm/20inches square) are located in well spaced rows within the Pet Cemetery and are available either as a simple plot or with the option of adding an inscribed flat memorial tablet.  Ashes may be interred in any biodegradable container or poured directly into the grave.

For full details of current prices and terms and conditions please contact the Clerk to the Cemetery; Mrs Lindsay Edge, telephone 01489 892323 or email westhoe@bishopswaltham-pc.gov.uk

West Hoe Pet Cemetery Application Form