West Hoe Meadow, Natural Burial Site

Published: 10 November 2021

A tranquil corner of West Hoe Cemetery in Bishop’s Waltham has been converted into a stunning wildflower meadow where cremated remains of loved ones can be interred in designated plots in natural surroundings.

“We looked at what other facilities we could provide at the cemetery," says Cllr Rankine, Chairman of the West Hoe Management Committee, “and after discussion with South Downs Natural Burial Site we found that there was demand in the area for a natural setting for the interment of ashes, rather than the more formal areas we already have at the cemetery. So, we planted our wildflower meadow in 2019 and now that it is firmly established we are able to open it for use.”

The West Hoe Meadow is surrounded by hornbeam and rowan hedges creating a secluded and peaceful space where visitors can enjoy the vista of a traditional flower meadow. Planting is refreshed each year with additional seeding to ensure a colourful and informal location which can be visited throughout the year. As with the rest of the cemetery, the site was consecrated when the cemetery was initially laid out in 1990.

Whilst grave markers are not permitted, a simple grid system allows plots to be easily identified and families can choose from a list of native bulbs that can be planted on their plot should they wish. Ashes can be interred directly into the ground or be placed in a biodegradable container.

For further information please contact the Clerk to the Committee, West Hoe Cemetery Management Committee, The Jubilee Hall, Little Shore Lane, Bishop’s Waltham, Hampshire, SO32 1ED

Phone: 07751 790 327

Email: westhoe@bishopswaltham-pc.gov.uk